The Richmond Nightmarket 2017 - 3 Visits!

  Well lookie here...look who decided to post a review on the nightmarket right when summer's about to end! How useful! To be fair, I went to the Richmond Nightmarket three times this year and wanted to do a compiled here it is!

  The first time I went with William (who was visiting from Toronto) his sister Emily (also visiting from New York) and Jeremy. We ended up splitting the zoom pass between the four of us, so we didn't have to wait in line!

  The second time was with my best franddd Julie, Lawrence, Stewart, and Jeremy. I can tell you this: going to the nightmarket with more than four people is a challenge in it of itself, keeping track of everyone is a feat!

  And last but not least, with Atsumi and Jeremy (of course.) That guy just follows me everywhere doesn't he?

  Years prior I would find myself spending $60 + (and that was on food alone!) Now I average around $20 (appetite stabilization does wonders for one's wallet.)

  Sometimes I look back on my old posts and I wonder "how was it possible that I ate that much?" Nowadays I can only manage half of what I use to. Remember that time I ate an entire rotisserie chicken by myself? (Which Raymond has dutifully reminded me of on many occasions.)

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Visit #1 with William, Emily & Jeremy:

Crab & Tobiko Salad Tamagoyaki from Yusi Tamagoyaki
3.5/5 stars

  What I found the most interesting about this dish was the addition of Mexican chicharrons (pork rinds!) Everything else was pretty expected; I mean, is it really a psuedo Japanese dish without the addition of imitation crab meat? The tamago itself was quite nice; eggy, soft, and pillowly, it would've been even better without the copious amount of competing toppings on top. 

Bossam w/ Spicy Sauce (Korean Pork Belly) from Teppan Bossam
4/5 stars

   I made a beeline for the bossam as soon as we got there...I'm a total sucker for pork belly (Korean pork belly...even better!) I went for the one drizzled in gochuchang. The pork belly was grilled (not stewed) so the fatty bits don't melt in your mouth...but it was delicious nonetheless!

Mango Icy from Icy Bar
Fresh Mango, Sago, Condensed Milk
4/5 stars

  Hailing from Crystal Mall ~ icy bar is the place for shaved ice at the nightmarket! Generous chunks of mango with layers upon layers of condensed milk and sago, this was a real treat.

Strawberry & Mango Shaved Ice from Icy Bar
4/5 stars

  The shaved ice was similarly tasty with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. We've tried their shave ice at the Crystal Mall location, and this one was leagues better. Larger cuts of fruit and a mountainous scoop of ice-cream to boot. My guess is they're trying to have a leg up over their competitors - competition is fierce at the night market!

Stinky Tofu from "The Famous Popcorn Chicken & Fried Tofu"
3.5/5 stars

  Ain't a visit to the nightmarket without stinky tofu! Let me tell you, this was no where as stinky as the real thing (I'm Taiwanese y'all.) Don't get wrong, bad it was not; we just expected more funk!

Taiwanese S&P Chicken
3.5/5 stars

  Another nightmarket classic: Taiwanese salt and peppery chicken! Quite a few restaurants drizzle mayo on their S&P chicken now, but there really shouldn't be any because it distracts from the 5 spice. Nevertheless, the chicken was good in that the batter was properly done; crispy with a juicy interior!

Traditional Mizu Shingei Mochi w/ Black Sugar and Soybean Powder from Raindrop Cake
3.5/5 stars

  A bit reminiscent of space food...dontcha think? They also a cherry blossom flavour (which we tried, with an actual cherry blossom in the centre) and one with condensed milk! Very interesting; jelly like and tasteless (sans condiments.)

 Cherry Blossom Mizu Shingei Mochi
3.5/5 stars

  The cherry blossom version with an actual cherry blossom and cherry blossom syrup on the side! I would be sold on looks alone but the taste sold me too, floral-y and mildly sweet!

Rice Rolls
2/5 stars

  Cheong fun from one of those dim sum stalls - you know what I'm talking about right? Yea...these weren't that good. As you can tell, they were over steamed and borderline soggy.

Spicy Stir-fried Squid from Lao Er Squid
3.5/5 stars

  My go to stall for squid at the nightmarket! I always get the spicy version; the portion size is more than enough and I never manage to finish it (squid is incredibly filling.)


Butterfly Tea Milk Tea from Milk Cha (hey it's William!)
4/5 stars

  Gimmicky yes...but worth it in my opinion. You get to try two flavours or have the option of sharing the drink!

Visit #2 with Julie, Lawrence, Stuart & Jeremy:

Texan BBQ w/ Pulled Pork & Roast Pork
4/5 stars

  Doesn't that look like Cantonese char siu to you? The roast pork was succulent and juicy; the pulled pork amply seasoned. This made to be a very filling dish, if you eat it by yourself it could be a meal in it of itself!

Deep Fried Tofu from Churro in Ice Cream
4/5 stars

  As you know, Julie's vegan, so deep fried tofu is one of her go-to dishes when going the asian route. This one was interesting in that the batter was sand-like, very different from conventional deep fried tofu. 

Ketchup Flavoured Rotato
4/5 stars

  We got these on the houseeee (plus we didn't have to wait in line) thanks to our friend Jancis, who works at Rotato! I much preferred the ketchup over the seaweed flavour (which tasted like straight up MSG.)

Curry Squid from The Squid Co
4/5 stars

  I didn't try this, but Jeremy liked it better than Lao Er Squid! But then again...he likes anything curry flavoured sooo.

Half-eaten Seaweed Flavoured Rotato
3.5/5 stars

   Wasn't that fond of the seaweed flavour because it tasted like straight-up MSG (I kid you not.) The MSG flavour was so overpowering I could barely taste the seaweed.

4/5 stars

  Julie's chendol, which she devoured. If I wasn't so full I would've ordered one myself, Chendol is my South-Asian dessert of choice!

Original Milk Tea from Sippy Tea
4/5 stars

  Another gimmicky milk tea that admittedly, tasted pretty good. I definitely see the appeal of drinking milk tea from a bag!

Visit #3 with Atsumi & Jeremy:

Crab & Tokibo Tamagoyaki from Yugi Tamagoyaki (a repeat order; we had the same thing with William the first time we went!)

S&P Chicken from "The Famous Popcorn Chicken & Fried Tofu"
They didn't put mayo this time (or maybe that was from a different stall?) *shrugs*

Bossam w/ BBQ Sauce from Teppan Bossam
4/5 stars

  Atsumi got the BBQ version of the korean bossom and she thoroughly enjoyed it; she devoured it in its entirety! She also had an entire bandanyaki (a giant takoyaki) to herself and afterwards all she could say was "I'm so full omggg."

Pork Hocks
3.5/5 stars

  Jeremy & I also tried these at the Vancouver Christmas Market in November was it? Remember that post? Yea, that was one of our first dates hehe. The pork hocks were similarly executed here and didn't disappoint. The heaping pile of sauerkraut is always appreciated!

Sugar Cane Juice from "Sugar Cane Juice"

Brown Sugar Tofu Dessert from iTofu
3.5/5 stars

  To end off the night, Jeremy had the tofu dessert with brown sugar! It came in a cup ~ with a straw, especially handy considering that we had some walking around to do. 

Just when you thought there wouldn't be any alcohol at the night market ~ free Breezer drinks for all! Couldn't resist and grabbed one. And being the baby faced 21 year old that I am...I was carded (like always.)

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  1. WHAT... I went to the night market and definitely didn't see the Breezer drinks! Would've grabbed like 5 ahahahaha

  2. Man, I'm SO full after reading this post ! :-D

    Part of me feels NM foods are getting a bit "too fancy" (and priced accordingly). In Asian NM's, the foods are very simple, very "elemental" and of course very cheap. How do you feel about that, Selina ?

    1. Definitely agree with you on that front! I think it's mainly to garner hype on instagram and draw crowds...people tend to get tired of the same ol' offerings year after year. Personally, I'm fine with it! Creative "fusion" dishes have their place amongst traditional NM foods; they add to the nightmarket experience. What's your take on it, LR?


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