Dinesty Richmond - 2nd Visit!!

  You know what I just realized? I only have 2 (yes 2) weeks of classes left. WHERE DID TIME GO?!!

  Over my head, apparently.

  I'll be 22 soon.

  Then it'll be Christmas.

  And New Years.

  Make it stop.

  Oh god, make it stop.

  The rate at which time escapes you, I swear. Before I know it, I'll be 30. Will I even be alive? At this rate... (my dad likes to joke how, given my poor health, I'll be lucky to make it to 30. Thanks for believing in me, Dad.)

  Off topic, but did you guys notice? I changed the tagline at the top of my blog to "A (harrowingly personal) Vancouver Food Blog." Quite appropriate me thinks.

  Out of all the Vancouver food blogs (that I know of) I don't think it would be wrong to assume that mine is the most personal (Raymond's and Sherman's being a close second.)

  Anyways, a few weeks ago my mom, Annie, Jeremy, and I went for a celebratory Mid-Autumn festival meal at the Richmond Dinesty on Ackyrod! It was swell; XLB, lo bak gao, and rice cake does a good meal make. I've said this time and time again...I'll always be a sucker for Dinesty's clean aesthetic, and Din Tai Fung-esque atmosphere (their pictorially laid out menu doesn't hurt either.)

  Jeremy & I downed an embarrassingly large amount of mooncakes this year (thanks to my parents, who generously provided us with box after box.) During those weeks Jeremy made a habit of downing an entire mooncake for breakfast (and mind you, mooncakes are around 1000 calories a pop.)

Noodles w/ Green Onion Sauce
4/5 stars

  An old skool Shanghainese dish that not a whole lot of people know about. When done properly, this dish is DA BOMB. Dinesty does it right with al dente noodles, deep fried green onions, and a flavourful unami sauce.

Noodles w/ Homemade Meat Sauce (Zha Zhiang Mien)
4/5 stars

  The one thing Jeremy couldn't stop eating. The zha zhiang mien was indeed very good, the sauce was incredibly rich and had bits of tofu in it. This was a pretty deep bowl, not too shabby for $7.95!

Stir-fried Rice Cake w/ Pork
3.5/5 stars

  My mom wanted to order this. Personally, I found this dish a bit boring, but only because the flavours were predictable. Tasty nonetheless!

Stir-fried Rice Cake w/ Pork Chops
4/5 stars

  The dish (just about) everybody orders at Dinesty. I don't blame them; tender pieces of pork chop glazed in a soy sauce reduction alongside chewy pieces of tteobokki style rice cakes. Not to mention the generous portion size...this dish is a must order for sure!

Pan-fried Pork Buns
3.5/5 stars

  I've definitely had better, but Dinesty's wasn't bad. Juicy pork filling with an evenly pan fried bottom. 

Radish Cake w/ XO Sauce (Lo Bak Gao)
4/5 stars

  Jeremy and I share a mutual love for lo bak gao. He grew up in Hong Kong, so he ate lo bak gao on the regular. There are two types of lo bak gao, this being the deep-fried, cubed version. Super crispy and flavourful, don't let it sit for too long though, the sauce turns the bottom all soggy!

Spinach & Beancurd
3.5/5 stars

  Another Shanghainese classic. Spinach and beancurd! This dish is served cold so it's super refreshing and preps your palate for the heavy dishes to come!

Deep Fried Garlic Spareribs
1.5/5 stars

  Meh. One word: over fried. And DRY. Ugh. There's nothing worse than rock-hard pieces of deep fried meat. 

Crab & XO Sauce Xiao Long Bao
4/5 stars

  Yum! Very good. Sort of makes up for the half-assed spareribs. You definitely get a hit of XO sauce when you bite into the skin!

Pork Xiao Long Bao
3.5/5 stars

  Pretty much a given. Not as good as Din Tai Fung (or some other places in the YVR for that matter,) but still holds its own!

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  1. Glad to see you updating your blog more often now ;) I love dinesty too! Been going there for years due the reasonable prices, good food and atmosphere. The one on Ackroyd rd is definitely my fav out of all their locations.

    1. Alice!! Why thankyou hehe, I know you've been a longtime reader of mine! Yeshh, I've seen your instagram posts on Dinesty ~ so droolworthy! Agreed, they have everything going for them, I'll always be a fan! :D

  2. The first time I ever went to any of the Dinestys was with you when we went to the Dinesty in metro!!!!! Also, who's Annie? Jer's friend? HAH. AND I really like the "harrowingly personal" ;) addition.


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