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  Update: I'm doing MUCH better now. My last post was hella depressing wasn't it? It was all down to stress and a lack of sleep.

  Another update: I (sort of) moved back in with my mom. I live in Burnaby with her for half of the week and for the other half, I stay in Kits with Jeremy.

  For all you youngins' still living with your parents: living on your own isn't all that it's cracked up to be (neither is eating out for every meal.) Appreciate it while it lasts cause it's scary out there; I had to learn the hard way.

  No seriously. I had to learn the hard way. Eight months of pure hell I tell ya (if the sporadicity of my blog posts since moving out isn't telling enough...)

  21 was my coming of age year for sure.

  Things have been looking up for me these past few weeks. A lot of dormant issues have been addressed and put to rest (yes, I realize that sentence is a contradiction of sorts.) I got a new job, so that's something to look forward to. As Associate Editor of UBC's Undergraduate Journal of Sociology! I'm pretty sure I only got the job because of my "relevant" experience as the "writer" of Vancity Noms lol. That, and my mad writing skillz of course (JK.)

  Here's a snippet of the Cover Letter I sent in (for amusement's sake:)

  I am interested in applying for the position of Associate Editor at Sojourners: Undergraduate Journal of Sociology because I am hopelessly devoted to my cause; sociology. With ample experience as the writer and editor of my blog and as a seasoned Sociology major, I believe I am aptly qualified to fill the aforementioned position. I am able to fully commit to said position for the September 2017 to June 2018 academic year if selected. 

  I believe that my expansive knowledge of social epistemology and my experience as a writer will be an indispensable asset to the board of editors at Sojourners. I have been honing my skills as both a writer and editor for years now having edited academically inclined papers for friends and classmates since high school. Other assets I believe will prove invaluable: my diligence with deadlines and my ability to work under extraneous amounts of pressure. 

  I guess this is a starting point of sorts because (I've never told anyone this but ---) one of my biggest aspirations in life is to become the editor-in-chief of a lifestyle, art, or literary publication. Mock me if you will (some incredibly butt-hurt person actually told me: "like you'll ever make it." The nerve of some people...) but hey, one can dream right?

Half Jajangmyeon, Half Tansuyuk
Jajangmyeon: 4/5 stars

  Dudeee, more Korean-Chinese restuarants should offer a combo that includes jajangmyeon and tansuyuk because most of the time I end up having to order a full sized jajangmyeon and a tansuyuk to get my fill (with my bill coming to $25 + no less.)

  I know a lot of places have combos that come with a half sized serving of jjampong and jajangmyeon, but JoongWon is the first restaurant I've come across that offers it with tansuyuk! For that reason alone I'll be back.

  And you know what? The jajangmyeon was really, really good. There's nothing worse than bland jajangmyeon, and JoongWon's was far from it. Saucy, bean-y, and flavourful, the noodles had the perfect bite to them!

4.5/5 stars

  Tansuyuk ON POINT!! They don't cheap out on the meat either, I bit a few pieces open to inspect the interior, and it was filled with lean (yes lean) and juicy meat! The exterior was expertly battered and crunchy, they even include pieces of strawberry and pear in the sweet and sour sauce (which I haven't seen any other places do!)

4/5 stars

  My go-to Korean dish that I eat way too much of. Jeremy & I actually went for AYCE Korean BBQ the other day and all I was ate was japchae (I love it that much.) This one was superb in that the noodles were bouncy, full of flavour, with plenty of shrimp to boot! (Although Jeremy picked out all the shrimp because he's really picky with his shrimp.)

Jeremy's regular sized jajangmyeon!

Like most Korean-Chinese places, they give you damuji and raw onions with your jajangmyeon to cut the grease!

Given that Chatime is across the street, grabbing some boba after dinner was only logical. I got wintermelon tea with aiyu and Jeremy got hot milk tea! 

(Formally known as Won Jung.)

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  1. For all you youngins' still living with your parents: living on your own isn't all that it's cracked up to be

    IMO, everybody should live by themselves for at least a year. And by live by themselves, I don't mean travelling or in a hotel. When you live in a place by yourself, it helps you build character. You are now responsible for things you took for granted: bills, shopping/cooking for yourself, tidying up/cleaning, etc. etc. So, yes, you see all the "freedom" associated with it but you have to take the flip side into consideration...

    1. Very valid points Kim! I agree 100%, it does build character! Everything I took for granted: folded laundry, prepared meals, a clean room suddenly wasn't at my disposable anymore. You definitely learn to appreciate your parents more after living on your own XD


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