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   I've been sleeping 9-10 hours everyday for the past week and the subsequent clarity of mind upon waking is AH-MAZING. Amazing I tell ya. Not to mention the fact that I wake up with baby soft skin (it's called beauty sleep for a reason.)

  To those people who only sleep 3-5 hours a day (cough cough, Raymond, cough cough, Jeremy) I don't know how y'all survive.

  I mean, sleep is an

  I know most of you probably average around 7-8 hours a're probably wondering how I can even sleep for 10 hours straight.

  Well, first and foremost, a comfy mattress is a must. This means having a quality mattress...spare no expense, this is your health and livelihood we're talking about, people!! (I got mine on boxing day when it was 40% off, so I got a much better mattress then I could have gotten for the price I paid.)

  I can tell you this: sleeping in your own bed, in your own room, ALONE, beats sleeping in someone else's bed any day.

  I live on a really busy street, so white noise is an absolute must (or should I say brown noise, white noise's more soothing, lower pitched cousin.) Helps block out sound and does wonders to help you fall asleep (and stay asleep.)

  You have to make sure you're not hungry, fill up on dinner or eat a small snack before bed. I can't tell you how many times I've woken up at 6 am, ravenous.

  Being tired helps..since I live quite a ways away from UBC I have to commute all the way back to Burnaby after class, and then subsequently walk home (that's my exercise for the day...ur girl dun exercise.) Funny thing is...when I went to see my doctor yesterday she asked if I work out, and when I told I don't, she was like "well, it looks like you do." HA. Dem toned calves fool a lot of people ( calves aren't toned.)

  Anyways, (when will I learn to stop going on tangents?) Meet Fresh is pretty much our go to dessert place now. We're there three times a week, no less. Mainly because we eat on Robson a lot and there aren't any other dairy-free options nearby. It's either Meet Fresh, Chatime, or Coco. We usually go after having Korean; it's not that expensive and they're quite generous with their portions.

  They play this hilarious video on their TV of workers going into a lab with masks and full-on body suits...yea we get it, your facilitates are clean!

Iced Meet Fresh Signature
Herbal Blended Ice, Herbal Jelly, Taro Ball, Yam Ball
4/5 stars

  Jeremy had the iced Meet Fresh signature, which oddly enough, instead of condensed milk, came with coffee mate. I dunno, it was our first time there (despite all the hype that's been surrounding this place.)

  The grass jelly was quite good, more herbal-y than most generic versions (my guess being that it's house-made.) The taro and yam balls were just the right texture, apparently they put them through rigorous stages of testing to ensure an acceptable level of chewiness. 

No.5 Hot Taro Ball
Red Bean Soup, Kidney Bean, Boba, Yam Balls, Rice Balls
4/5 stars

  I was a bit confused at first until I unearthed the "toppings." This was a very filling bowl, definitely not suitable if you've suffering from post-meal bloat. The red bean soup was warm, hearty, and tolerably sweet. The yam and rice balls were cooked perfectly; very "q" (as the Taiwanese say.)

No.4 Tofu Pudding
Taro & Red Bean
4.5/5 stars

  This is Jeremy's go-to every time we go to Meet Fresh now. The tofu pudding sits in a herbal-y, syrupy soup, flanked with red bean and huge chunks of taro. Quite deep and you get a lot ~ worth it imho!

 Q Mochi & Egg Pudding
4/5 stars

  A great option if you're not into soupy desserts! Mochi can do me no wrong...I love mochi anything. The egg pudding was good too; silky and subtly sweet!

No.1 Hot Taro Ball
Red Bean Soup, Mung Bean, Taro Balls, Yam Balls
4/5 stars

  A variation on No.5...this is pretty much the same thing, with taro balls in lieu of rice balls, and mung bean instead of kidney beans. Tastes the same too, but I definitely prefer taro balls over the plain ones!

Mung Bean Cakes
4.5/5 stars

  I was raised on T&T's mung bean cakes (legit no dad would buy them every week.) Not sure what they put in these, but they're super creamy and buttery tasting (even though they're 100% dairy-free.) The texture is similar to mochi ice-cream. 

No.4 Taro Ball w/ Shaved Ice
4.5/5 stars

  Another one of my go-tos. In fact, I think this might be my favourite out of all the ones I've tried. What can I say...I'm a sucker for taro!

Herbal Tea w/ Grass Jelly
3/5 stars

  Though the herbal grass jelly flavour was strong, there were barely any chunks of grass jelly in it! Pass.

Wintermelon Tea w/ Taro & Sweet Potato Balls
4/5 stars

  This one's nicer. We're pretty much wintermelon tea connoisseurs now, because we order it every chance we get. This was standard, subtly sweet, with miniature versions of their signature taro and sweet potato rice balls!

Red Bean Soup w/ Rice Balls
3.5/5 stars

  DO NOT, and I mean DO NOT, order their soup to-go. It's just a disaster waiting to happen...I learned the hard way. 

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