Anh and Chi + MY INTERVIEW!!

  You guys might have noticed a not-so-subtle video of ma face on the bottom of my blog last week. Das righttt, your girl is doing YouTube now! I just posted a new video on the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick's at the bottom of this post!

  My friends (and a few people who follow me on instagram,) have been bugging me about starting a channel for quite some time now. I have a camera, a ring light, and everything, I just never got around to it until now!

  I guess with moving back and all I finally have some time to myself. Not to mention the fact that I have a room of my own again (and personal space to boot.)

  I have a lot of video ideas in mind. I don't think I'll run out of things to film any time soon...there's just so much for me to do! Unboxings, reviews, GRWMs, routines ~

  Here are a few of the videos I've got lined up:
  - Kenzo Tiger Espadrilles Review
  - Muji Haul & Review
  - NYX's Love You So Mochi Collection *New!*
  - OOTD ft. Kenzo, Zara & Adidas
  - GHD Air Review
  - Ralph Lauren Haul
  - Longchamp Coin Purse Review

  For now I'm just going to stick with doing beauty and fashion videos...I'll eventually branch out and do more personal bits when I get a new vlogging camera (my Sony A5100 got stolen.)

  I'm thinking about uploading at least once a week in conjunction with a blog expect a new YouTube video every time you see a blog post from me!

  I'm still pretty awks in front of the camera...I'll warm up eventually. I'm like that in person too. Hella awkward at first but I'm super personable once I warm up to you!

  I'm kind of torn between cutting out my stuttering bits or keeping them...on one hand that's how I talk in real life and it seems more raw that way...on the other hand it kind of distracts from the product and what I'm trying to say. I'm divided...arghhhh, the struggle!

  For now I'm just going to edit out the "non-fluent" parts. Oh yea...on the topic of speech impediments, have you guys seen my interview with Peter (@brokethehabit) yet? I talk about what it's like to live with a severe stutter, my experience growing up asian, and my outlook on life in general!

  Here's the lil' blurb I posted on instagram and facebook if you haven't read it yet:


  Disclosing the most vulnerable part of myself on the internet...

  My good friend Peter (who also has a speech impediment,) interviewed me for his YouTube channel a few weeks ago! This video is a very intimate look on an otherwise very private part of my life, a part that I have never publicly discussed (on my blog, instagram or otherwise.)

  Speech impediments continue to be heavily stigmatized/taboo, let's open up the conversation and make it as readily discussed as Indigenous rights, LGBTQIA issues, and mental health!

  Us stutterers deserve a voice too! (Pun intended.)

  Topics we touched on:
  Growing Up Asian
  Speech Therapy
  Overcoming my Stutter
  What You Should Know about Speech Impediments
  Advice to My Highschool Self

  Also, I still can't get over that 'lil cameo at the end LOL...gotta hand it to him, the boy can edit!

  Here's the video if you have yet to watch it:

  Anyways, two weeks post-interview Peter and I decided to hit up Anh and Chi to do a video on Vietnamese food for his channel! We had good fun there (even though Peter didn't like the food very much.)

Cha Gio $8
4/5 stars

  Nicely done with rice wrappers! My ultimate pet peeve is when places use wheat wrappers for their cha gios, rice wrappers are the way to go! The exterior was supremely crispy, the interior being flavourful enough to forgo the fish sauce.

Number 37 - Grilled Lemongrass Chicken & Pork Chop $16
4/5 stars

  Peter was a bit thrown off by the fact that they didn't use traditional broken rice, I didn't really mind though! This was a pretty generous portion, and the price tag was reflective of that. Lemongrass chicken usually costs $10 or less at most Vietnamese places. The chicken was nicely charred and juicy, albeit on the dry side. The pork chop was properly seasoned, no absence of flavour here!

Pho Hoang $13
3/5 stars

  We had high expectations for the pho and were left marginally disappointed. The pho wasn't bad per say, it just wasn't that great. We did appreciate the lack of MSG though. Peter thought the broth was bland, I on the other hand, found it plenty flavourful. The meat was sparse, we counted two, yes two, half-sized pieces of meatball! *Sadface.*

For whatever reason I thought it would be a good idea to pair rosé with lemongrass chicken (clearly someone needs to school me on the art of wine pairings.)

Anh and Chi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Selina, wow it’s really brave of you to open up about such a personal thing in the YouTube video. I admire your honesty. Your willingness to put yourself out there is what makes your blog a joy to follow. The stuttering is just one of life’s many doesn’t define you! Anyway, keep on keeping on and thanks for sharing.

    1. Omg hi Cal-Boy!! Long time no talk ~ I remember you commenting from back in the day! How have you been? :D

      I hid my stuttering for years in fear of being shamed and stigmatized. It was a really big step for me to publicize my disability. Thank you for recognizing that! *sheds tear*

      Thanks for the reminder...we shouldn't let our obstacles, big or small, define us! That's something I struggle with because my speech is with me all day, everyday. Still working on trying to see beauty in the midst of struggle lol.

      Thank you so, so much for your kind words Cal-Boy, your message really made my day! Looking forward to more comments from you haha! Have you visited Vancouver recently? :)

    2. Haha, yeah I frequently visit Vancouver and am always looking for new restaurant recs. (You gotta go back to blogging about more Canto restaurants! :)) Anyway, keep up the good work!

  2. dude needs some pantz!!


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