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 So Jeremy got a new job (not going to disclose where but it's a 9 to 5, office type thing.)

  Things are changing, folks.

  I only get to see him 1-2 times a week, for a few hours at a time now. Honestly, I'm not too hung up about it. We know each other well enough. Messenger, and phone calls will suffice for the time being. Plus, I've always been the independent type (one can never have enough alone time!)

  Another positive? More time for blogging! And youtubing...yay! (Notice how school isn't on the agenda.) If you guys haven't noticed (or you're not subscribed to my channel,) I've been posting pretty regularly on there. I just posted a review on the Kenzo Atom Bag and an OOTD (videos are linked down below.)

  There's this common misconception amongst our friends that Jeremy & I are attached at the hip...well guess what, we're not. Yea, we're close (we did live together for a good 11 months,) and we know each other, very, very well, but we're as different as night and day (in both the figurative and literal sense.) He's a night owl who literally sleeps at 5 am, I'm more of a noon/mid-afternoon type of person.

  I do admit to us having similar tastes, but we did grow up in two completely different countries (him, Hong Kong; I, Canada) and come from divergent backgrounds ~ I went to public school, he went to an international school (just to put things into perspective.)

  I honestly don't know why I'm talking about my relationship on here but I guess my blog is just that personal. One could technically map out the trajectory of my life through my blog posts 😅

  In other retainer broke last night. Well there goes another $500...I have no choice but to get molded for a new one. I didn't endure 4 years of brace-faced pain for nothing!

Pulled Pork Bao $6.50
2.5/5 stars

  We were marginally disappointed with their pulled pork bao. Perhaps it would've worked better if it they used a soft gua bao in lieu of a fried one? The pulled pork was tender and properly seasoned, albeit lacking in impact. A bit pricey at $7, I must admit.

Spicy Aka Tonkatsu Ramen $12.90
4.5/5 stars

  They definitely redeemed themselves with this one. Flavour wise, one of the best ramens I've had in a longg time. The broth was silky, rich and incredibly complex; the unami flavour was head-on. The char siu was remarkably lean without being dry, the noodles; bouncy and light. 

Awase Miso Free Range Chicken Ramen $13.80
4/5 stars

  Jeremy had the chicken ramen! The broth was chicken noodle-esque and very clean tasting. The noodles were similarly al dente with just the right degree of firmness. We appreciated their use of free range chicken, free range almost always tastes better than commercial grade chicken!

Extra Char Siu + $3
4/5 stars

  Gyoza Bar's char siu is definitely on the leaner side, which some may prefer. They don't rely on fat to tenderize the char siu!

Pork Teppan Gyoza $7
4/5 stars

  On average, I eat dumplings/gyozas 4- 5 times a week (my fridge is always stocked with no less than 4 varieties of dumplings at a time.) Were these better than the flash-frozen type I usually eat? Yes and no. Flavour wise, it tasted like your average dumpling. Execution wise, astronomically better in that the skin was paper-thin with a perfectly crisped bottom.

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