Running Chicken - Korean Fried Chicken at UBC!

  Another year, another semester...and yet another round of courses!

  So what courses am I taking this semester?

  GRSJ 328 - Theories of Subjectivity (this is the one I'm most pumped for.)
  GRSJ 305 - Social Justice Issues in Community and International Organizing (an interesting one about NGOs and social movements!)
  ANTH 217 - Culture and Communication (my first ever Anthropology course!)
  SOCI 328 - Social Statistics (dry beyond beliefff.)

  I'm kind of bummed I'm not taking any Art History courses this semester, ARTH courses are my fave!! ARTH and GRSJ (Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice.) ARTH and GRSJ is basically me, in a course. If you go to UBC I highly suggest taking one!

  As much as I love that I think about it, I should've done GRSJ as my major...well, it's too late now, I'm 15 credits away from graduating!

  On the subject of school and UBC...I thought I'd make this post about one of my favourite eating outlets on campus...Running Chicken! But that could soon change as Hmart (MY FAVOURITE GROCER OF ALL TIME) just opened up in the Village!!!!!!!!! (I'll get back to you as soon as I go scope out the place next week.)

  Update: Did some scoping and the prepared food options are slim...*sigh.* It's more of a place to stock up on varieties of spam and Nongshim.

  I'm pretty sure Running Chicken is the only place you can get KFC (Korean fried chicken) on campus. The only other place that comes to mind is Sasamat Pizza & Chicken. I had to suffer through 9 hours of diarrhoea after eating there once (they closed down apparently...)

  Psstttt, I posted a YouTube video guysss (scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch it.) I'll talk about my new channel in an upcoming post!

Korean Omurice
3/5 stars

  Omurice is one of my fave comfort foods ~ ain't nothing like digging into a pillowly, soft omurice for dinner! This one had all the makings of a good omurice, but it still fell a bit short. The rice was too wet for my liking. The portion size was quite substantial though, I couldn't finish it and had to pack it to go!

Honey-Soy Glazed Boneless Fried Chicken
4/5 stars

  Pretty decent considering that Running Chicken is an on campus establishment! This tasted pretty similar to a couple Korean fried chicken joints downtown...not bad, not bad at all! Sweet, syrupy, and juicy...pairs perfectly with some soju or a bowl of rice!

Original Fried Chicken
3/5 stars

  In Jeremy's words: "tastes like typical fried chicken." Typical in the most reassuring way. It was more similar to KFC than Taiwanese fried chicken in that the batter was light and crispy. 

Half & Half
Yangnyeom Boneless Fried Chicken (Sweet & Spicy)
Honey-Soy Glazed Boneless Fried Chicken
3.5/5 stars

  This was decent, but I've definitely had better yangnyeom elsewhere! Being that yangnyeom is the flavour I order the most, I had lots to compare this too. It was characteristically sweet, with the spiciness being quite subtle. 

Kimchi Fried Rice
2.5/5 stars

  This was aight. We were disappointed in the size, surely they could've spared some more rice (and kimchi. And meat.) Seems like they skimped out on ingredients for this one.


Bulgogi Udon
2/5 stars

  Ehhh. Tiny bits of dried up beef and a watery broth does not a good meal make. We could've made it better at home...skip!

Soondubu Jjigae
3/5 stars

  Not bad, albeit a bit on the watery/bland side. There was a ton of tofu in there, and not much of anything else. Fulfills a craving, but that's about it!

Side Dishes (Eomuk & Radish)
4/5 stars

  They usually don't serve eomuk as a side dish, but since I don't really eat salad, I asked them to substitute it with this! No complains really, I love me some fish cake!!

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