The Holy Crab - Valentine's Day 2018!!

  Well reading break (UBC's answer to spring break,) this year was decidingly less eventful than years past.

  Last year during reading break Jeremy & I were coasting through LA, having the time of our lives. We saw the sights, partied, passed out at 4 am, got matching tattoos...the whole shebang. (I basically lived Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. Teenage Dream is one of my fave OG albums, btw.)

  I'm getting quite emotional thinking about it really. It was magicalll. It was everything I made it out to be.

  Funny how things settle down so quickly. least I got to experience it, right? Plus, I have a sizeable tattoo to commemorate it all.

  Anyways...on the subject of Teenage Dream, romance, yadayadayada...I thought I'd make this post about Valentine's Day!

  We tried really hard last year...we went to Nightingale and blew our life savings on these over the top gifts for each other. I mean...a monogrammed cardholder?! See the post here:

  We decided to keep it within reason this year. Dinner at the Holy Crab and a gift exchange within our budget (the holidays had already decapitated us both.)

  Interestingly enough this was our first time having Louisiana seafood boil. Just goes to show that I'm not the foodiest food blogger out there (not that I ever claimed to be.)

  Psst: I posted a new video on my channel (it's at the end of this blog post!) A haul, a Colourpop haul (to be specific.) Do check it out if you're into makeup and such!

  Also, if you're into sappy, couple-ly stuff, check out this cheesy-ass post I dedicated to Jeremy on instagram (for Valentine's Day!) Along with a vid of him & Esther singing "L-O-V-E":

Cajun Fries x 2
4.5/5 stars

  A perennial favourite...cajun fries!! On par with Five Guys, me thinks. We had an order each (fries are not meant to be shared.) Thin, airy fries are my fave...that way, you can have a whole bunch of them! They were generous with the coating of cajun. As a result, there was no absence of flavour!

Deep Fried Frog Legs
4/5 stars

  Jeremy's first time having frog logs. I'm impartial to frog legs...I'll eat them but ehhh...they're not my favourite. Jeremy was surprised that they tasted like chicken. They did resemble chicken wings, being deep fried and all.

1 Pound of Shrimp x 2
3.5/5 stars

  An order of shrimp each, sauce on the side! Can't really go wrong with good 'ol, boiled shrimp. Fresh, plump, and juicy! I prefer having the sauce on the side because you have control over how salty you want it. 

1 Pound of Clams x 2
4/5 stars

  Obviously the shrimp alone wasn't enough so we had to order another seafood item. Since we're watching our wallets we skipped the crab and went for the clams instead. These were good! Fresh, and you get quite the amount for $15!

Well the rice was crap. 😂When I enlightened Jeremy to this he was like "well what'd you expect?" 

The Valentine's Day menu, which we obviously didn't go for. We'll pass on the rosé and chocolate cake, thank you very much (I'm allergic anyways.)

Being the self-proclaimed cologne connoisseur that he is...I got Jeremy an OG favourite: Light Blue!

Jeremy got me some Valentine's themed candy and a tin from Squish! Cut the boy some slack because he already spent loads on my belated birthday present a week prior. I'm actually dying at how cute this *tin* is (it's tin, not container Selina!)

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