Ramen Koika - New Location!!

  School's officially over!! (For the time being at least.) I finished my last exam a few days ago, and what an exam it was! I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I was literally the third person to finish.

  So now I'm pretty much free until September. I won't be travelling this summer because I'm staying in Van to work on a secret project. Any guesses? It has nothing to do with my blog, youtube or instagram!

  Won't be giving away any details because it's still in its formative stages...I'm looking to unveil it come June or July, so stay tuned!

  I'm also planning on re-doing my room this summer. Nothing major, just some new curtains, a mirror or two, and some new makeup organizers.

  Anyways, look who opened a new location on Robson! Ramen Koika! Strategically close to the "ramen area" of Robson but not too close as to lose customers to the nearby competition (Santouka, Marutama, Takayama, and Ramen Taka.)

  The verdict? Ambiance wise, I much prefer this location. It's decidedly less claustrophobic than the Davie location. Ramen wise, I really enjoyed my tsukumen. Jeremy on the other hand, wasn't as enthused with his black garlic ramen, which he concluded fell short of Ramen Jinya (his benchmark.)

  Read my review of their Davie location here:

Spicy Tsukemen
4/5 stars

  Wowerz, this thing was huge! Let not that pile of noodles deceive you, the portion size was easily double the size of most tsukumens. I happily ate away at (what seemed like) a never-ending pile of noodles. The noodles were great; chewy, toothsome, and al dente! The broth was quite nice as well; flavourful with a decent kick to it!

Black Garlic Ramen
3/5 stars

  I first introduced Jeremy to black garlic ramen back in '17 and he hasn't looked back since. It's his go-to order at every place that offers it now. This fell short of his expectations...according to him, it just "wasn't as good as Ramen Jinya," his benchmark. But let's be real, can any place surpass the beauty that is Ramen Jinya's black garlic ramen?

Chicken Kaarage
4/5 stars

  Not bad...not bad at all! Very decent I must say. Actually, more than decent. Nicely done batter, juicy interior. They also had it sitting in a sauce of some sort, an interesting take on traditional Japanese kaarage!

Side of Chasu
3.5/5 stars

  Interestingly enough my tsukemen didn't come with chasu, so ordering it as an add-on was pretty much a given. I enjoyed this as well. Nicely marbled and sufficiently moist!


  1. This place is definitely next on my list! Been wanting to go since their soft opening after seeing all the pictures on instagram. Have you tried the other newly opened ramen place on robson? Ramen Taka?

    1. Do try it Alice!! I found out about this Ramen Koika on instagram too LOL. I haven't tried Ramen Taka yet, but it's next on my list! :D


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