The Shameful Tiki Room + The Richmond Nightmarket 2018!!

You know what I can't get behind? La Croix. I'm flummoxed by the fan fare. I made the mistake of buying a box of berry flavoured La Croix the other day and man...was that a miserable 5 days.

If y'all think La Croix is good you haven't tried Zevia (La Croix's under the radar cousin.) Zevia actually tastes like something, it's legitimately sweet. Now that it's summer, I go through like 2-3 cans a day. (No...this post isn't sponsored, I WISH.) Zevia hit yo girl up!

Anyways...I'm not sure why I felt compelled to rant about La Croix just now...probably just reeling from the fact that I had to down 8 cans of berry La Croix winced face for an entire week.

Back to the blog post!

I've been hanging out with Raymond ( a lot recently. We've actually become really good friends! Last week he hit me up with the intention of going to the Shameful Tiki Room just so we could go to the nightmarket lit...disastrous I know 😂

Mystery Bowl *in wavy font*
4/5 stars

I remember the name because the bowl came out to much fanfare...the staff basically did an entire song and dance. Theatrics aside...this was actually really good! Very tropical tasting ~

Chips & Pineapple Salsa
2.5/5 stars

Yay...chips and salsa! The tortilla chips tasted store bought...a tad salty so I didn't eat too many of them. The pineapple salsa was good though. For $5, this was quite the portion!

Curry Samosas (Vegan!)
4/5 stars

Yasss...I love me some samosas! These were big, and turned out a lot better than I was expecting. The inside was filled with a fragrant curry paste and the exterior was perfectly crispy...definitely a repeat order!

Tiki Puka Puka
3.5/5 stars

Raymond wanted something "strong," (strong is relative) so he got this 😂I was doubting his ability to drink the whole thing but in the end...he did. 

On to what we had at the nightmarket!

Korean Bulgogi Shawarma
3.5/5 stars

Mmmm...nice and light, perfect as a filler in between greasy, deep fried food! The pita was soft and they were generous with the beef! Definitely try this if you're looking for a carby filler at the nightmarket!

 Fish Sticks
4/5 stars

I go every year, but I have yet to find something that beats the stall Fish Sticks. Legit my favourite thing to get at the nightmarket! For the longest time I thought this was just deep fried fish...but it's actually deep fried fish tofu! An asian take on fish & chips, if you will.

 Sugar Cane Juice
4.5/5 stars

Another fave of mine! I get it every time, without fail. It's even more worth it now because they put it in tall bottles, so you get more juice!

 Sweet & Sour Deep Fried Squid Tentacles
4/5 stars

Another nightmarket staple...deep fried squid tentacles! This was from a stall I've never tried before...the portion size was huge! We opted for the sweet & sour flavour (love me some S&S hehehe.)

Mango Slush
4/5 stars

Not going to lie...we were lured in by the promise of "extra chewy" pearls on their signage. I don't know about the extra chewy part, but there was plenty of mango to go around and it wasn't too sweet!

Green Onion Fusion Wrap w/ Bulgogi & Kimchi
3.5/5 stars

I've had this a handful of times in years past and they're still going strong! The bulgogi's alright, the highlight of the wrap is definitely the green onion pancake!

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