Aritzia Boxing Day Sale 2019 - What I Bought + My Picks!

Ah, the decorated winter coat that is the Super Puff. Worn (or is it endorsed?) by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Sofia Richie, amongst others. Available in a host of colours and textures, spotted in Canadian cities everywhere.

Arguably better than Canada Goose (yes, I said it.) I wore a Canada Goose Kensington day in and day out for 5+ years, and let me tell you...Canada Goose ain't got nothing on the ethically sourced Super Puff! Leagues warmer, hundreds of dollars cheaper...Canada Goose, who?

This Boxing Day, I had my eyes set on one thing - the Tna Super Puff. While I was marginally disappointed by the paltry $25 discount for the matte black version, I was surprised to find the other ones (the vests, combination puffs, and iridescent iterations,) substantially slashed.

Chrome in hand, I ordered myself not one, but three! Building on my original Super Puff in Ultraviolet (which has unknowingly become a signature of mine,) I went ahead and purchased three: one original, one vest, and one cropped version. My purple Super Puff...I wear the darn thing so much. Can you blame me? A literal cloud of a jacket I'm telling you!

And yes...I make most (if not all) of my Aritzia purchases online. More for convenience's sake than anything really (not having to try things on in front of the jarring communal mirror is another plus.) I've shopped at Aritzia enough over the years to know exactly what size I am, I rarely guess wrong.

For all you anal types (myself included,) I've come to realize that online orders arrive in significantly better condition than anything you'd find in store. Significantly better as in, PERFECT. Perfect condition. Shopping in store, I've grown accustomed to the loose threads, overstretched fabric, and dirt marks pervading each piece. Although not readily apparent, upon closer inspection, one can indeed discern the difference between store stock, and say, online stock. Online stock hasn't been handled roughly or tried on 10 times over. My friends agree with me on this one!

Aritzia doesn't come cheap, so if you're very particular, I would suggest trying things on in store and ordering said items in!

An Overview of What I Bought

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Tna The Super Puff Vest - in Catalina/Black, Size S
(Originally $175, bought for $99, now $125.)

Curiously enough, the Super Puff Vest in the Catalina/Black combination has gone up (as opposed to the Margaux Blazer below, which got reduced further.) This one's for Streetwear Selina (one of many alter-egos.) The red and black, a winning combination if you ask me. Pair it with some army green and/or Yeezy Desert Boots...swoon!

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Tna The Super Puff Shorty - in Matte Black, Size S
(Originally $225, bought for $199, now $225.)

The elusive cropped puffer - a cool girl staple! North Face's done it...Aritzia's version doesn't disappoint. Relaxed, with just the right amount of wiggle room to be oversized. Puffy, but flattering nonetheless. For CBC/ABG Selina!

My Super Puff Shorty hasn't arrived yet. I put in three separate orders and the Shorty doesn't come back in stock/ship until the 22nd. Patiently waiting on this one!

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Wilfred Margaux Blazer - in Sand Island Plaid, Size 4
(Originally $228, bought for $175, now $149.)

For my preppy days. A plaid, double-breasted blazer with tortoise buttons to boot! A steal if you're looking for a substantial, work-appropriate blazer. The beautifully detailed buttons - emblazoned with the subtle but altogether elegant Wilfred logo!

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Tna Rush Coat - in Sanders, Size S
(Originally $250, bought for $175, now $149.)

An occasion appropriate bathrobe! I've been looking for the perfect teddy overcoat for ages now, and I think I've finally found it! Not too furry, just the right amount of drape, effortlessly oversized - but not overly so. On my 5'5 (165 cm) frame, it hits right above the ankle.

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Tna The Super Puff - in Sun Valley/Black, Size S
(Originally $250, bought for $149.)

Just when you thought I was all Super-Puffed out, no no no. There's always more Puff to be had! A steal of a deal at $149, originally $250! Same colour scheme as the Super Puff vest I got, this time in yellow!

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Tna '90s Enchinitas Shirt - in Black, Size XS
(Originally $38, bought for $25, now $22.)

I've been eyeing this shirt since it was $38, but didn't feel like paying $40 for a cropped t-shirt. $25 sits much better with me. I knew I would like this from the get-go because I have a similar shirt, the Tna '90s Malibu Longsleeve. Essentially the same shirt, sans sleeves.

My Picks (Pulled Straight from the Wishlist!)
Pieces I love but didn't end up getting! One can only buy so much. Your girl got money but she ain't about to spend it!!

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Babaton Pelli Blouse - in Black
(Originally $178, now $168.)

An oversized, faux-leather there anything chicer? Might just have to go back and order myself one (if the budget so allows.) Your classic motorcycle jacket, all grown up. Pair with some thick, moderately-sized gold hoops and you're golden.

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Babaton Luxor Top - in Black $88

Reminiscent of those ruched Fashionnova/Oh Polly type shirts, but altogether more refined. A nice dinner/catch-up over cocktails type top! Pairs nicely with a bold lip. Sold out unfortunately, but also comes in a vibrant, papaya orange!

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Babaton Luxor Tank - in Clay Mask $68

Living for anything ruched, really. Anything Babaton as well. In the quality department, Babaton never disappoints! The tank version of the Luxor Top, in a gorgeous clay!

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Wilfred Free Ganna Jacket - in Heather Bone $198

A staple of the house. I've been eyeing this jacket (shirt?) for well over a year now. I'm partial to the Heather Bone colour. Remember when it sold out entirely last winter? It was impossible to get a hold of, in store or otherwise. Just can't bring myself to spend $200 for what looks to be an oversized shirt. I'm (supposedly) allergic to wool however so the possibility of securing one; debatable.

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Wilfred Cocoon Wool Coat - in Fairmount Camel or Cigar (Originally $328, now $299.)

For the executive in you. I would honestly buy this coat if I had places to go, people to see, and heels to wear...but alas, I do not. For now, I'm just a student. Beyond elegant! I do love.

About the Author: Selina Lo, Writer/Editor, is the voice behind Vancity Noms and the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Sojourners: UBC's Undergraduate Journal of Sociology. She also works as an Editor for Ignite Journal: The Undergraduate Journal of Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice and as a Communications Executive at UBC's Art History Students' AssociationWith a pending Art History degree from the University of British Columbia and a specialization in 20th Century and Postmodern Art, Selina aspires to someday pursue her dream job as Editor-in-Chief of a major art or fashion publication.

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