My 2020 Thus Far - Being off of Adderall XR, New Job Opps, On Graduating Later

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It's been exactly a month since I weaned myself off of Adderall XR 25 mg, and I've been surprisingly productive since. Stimulant withdrawal is all too real, but I'm being honest when I say: I haven't experienced any withdrawal symptoms whatsoever (at least not to my knowledge?) I guess I'm lucky in that regard. Or is it because in those with ADHD, withdrawal symptoms are less discernible in that Adderall doesn't affect them to the extent in which it affects the non-ADHD brain? You know what I mean? It's less of a drug to us neuro-atypicals. That's not to say it's not one helluva drug. It is.

I might switch to another stimulant if need be (say Vyvanse or Concerta,) but at the moment, my ADHD-PI is under relative control. Diet, stress, and sleep play a larger role than you would think. My ADHD waxes and wanes in severity though, so that's not to say I won't be subject to another flare-up in the future.

I'm off to a good start, productivity-wise. I'm taking four courses this term, all Art History!

ARTH 300 - Seminar & Approaches in Art History
ARTH 381 - The Artist in the World: Early Modern to Present
ARTH 362 - Art in Japan: Objects and Spaces
ARTH 459 - Seminar in Chinese Art


Your girl also got herself four (read: four) extracurriculars! Five, if you count my blog. As a:

Gallery Attendant at the Hatch Gallery in the AMS Student Nest
Communications Executive at UBC's Art History Students' Association
Co-Editor-in-Chief of Sojourners: UBC's Undergraduate Journal of Sociology
Editor at Ignite: The Undergraduate Journal of Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice a blogger!

Basically all editing/writing/art-related.

I never thought I'd be THAT person. I very rarely involved myself in high school. But here we are, seven years later (yes, it's been seven long years since.) I didn't so much as have a plan...these jobs just fell into my lap, really. If the opportunity presents itself, why not jump on it?

Since I'm graduating later to begin with (due to some unfavourable circumstances surrounding my learning disability and ADHD,) might as well make the most of my (extended) time at UBC! My circumstances have held me back like no other...but your girl shall persevere!

I'll get in to my learning disability in a future's not something I openly disclose to people. But on my blog? I'm all too willing.



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