My reality, a new direction, addressing my year-long hiatus

TW: Suicidality, Depression, Mental Health

Hey, everyone.

Selina here.

It's been well over a year since I last blogged. Hope you still remember me.

Despite the seemingly good times (dying my hair various iterations of blonde/silver/pink, raving, new friends,) 2019 was one of the hardest. Changing my hair was probably a coping mechanism, if anything.

It's been a year since. Why am I back on here? I lost so much of myself this 2019, Vancity Noms included. I put Vancity Noms on the back burner. A year or two back, could one divorce Selina Lo from the blog that was Vancity Noms? I think not.

Mentally/emotionally, I struggled. Falling asleep at 4 am in the morning, waking up and staying in bed till 6 pm the next day.

Halfway into the year I started seeing a psychiatrist. My lifelong ADHD-PI had become full-blown; my MDD, anxiety and associated issues, exacerbated.

Being medicated for ADHD helped a great deal, that is, until I started feeling the side effects. Suicidal thoughts during the comedowns, panic attacks, agitation, psychosis even. The weight loss however, I didn't mind as much. As detrimental as it sounds, it helped lessen the blow.

Between my learning disability putting my ability to graduate on hold, a recurring skin infection that caused painful sores to erupt on my body, to the increasingly large hole that was my heart, I had come to a standstill.

Many an ultimatum were proposed. Ultimatums I gave myself, ultimatums I gave other people.

I was naive. Naively hopeful. Somewhere down the line...I lost my soul in its entirety. I came to realize that the only ultimatum that would materialize...was the one I gave myself.

I spent so many futile days, nights tending to something that would never come into fruition.


If I'm being perfectly honest with you, dear readers, I've outgrown food blogging. Writing however? I never see myself outgrowing. I hope I'm not disappointing anyone (probably have already, with my year-long hiatus.)

With the new year/decade, I'm taking Vancity Noms in a new direction. Vancity Noms will function as an extension of my interests, if you will. I'll be writing about day-to-day happenings, my current obsessions (food, fashion, or otherwise, as they do change on the regular,) events I attend with friends, etc. I'll sprinkle in some fashion commentary here and there, cause you know I love that. I'll also be elaborating on my Instagram posts and stories, as I do seem to have the audience for it. So follow me on there if you haven't already!

But rest assured, my blog will still be a destination for quality writing and the distinct voice you've come to know from me! I'm currently in the process of reformatting/rebranding, please bear with me during this time.

Vancity Noms will serve as what it's always been: a vessel in which to document my life.

The end of an era. The start of a new one.

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